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Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Drama Bahasa Inggris Mr.Jay

The Missing Crown

Rayhan Yazid             :  King Abu Jahal
Dzikra Ahsanul           :  Knight Su’eb
Andika Pandu                        :  Army Qorun
M. Alif                         :  Thief Jahanam
M. Naufal                   :   Narrator Sobirin

Once upon a time there was a king named Abu Jahal, He was a wise king. One he lost his Crown

Abu Jahal :
“Su’eb……..!!!!!!, where is my crown………?????

Su’eb :
“Forgive me my lord, I know nothing about your crown

Abu Jahal :
Whaaaaaatttt………???!!!, go find my crown and don’t come back if you don’t find my crown

Su’eb :
As you wish my lord
Then Su’ed the knight calling his army “Gorun”
Hey Gorun, please help me to find the king crown

Gorun :
Ok, I will help you to find that until I’m death

Su’eb :
I’m greatfull for your favor

Gorun :
That is all right

Then Su’eb and Gorun go leaving the castle to find the Crown. After a few days, finally they found the crown.

 Su’eb :
Hey Gorun, do you see that crown?

Gorun :
Yes, isee it, let’s took it and giving back to the king

Suddenly Jahanam came

Jahanam :
Not so fast……..

Su’eb :
I don’t believe you stolen that crown from the king

Jahanam ;
Hahahahahah off course I took it, now I will kill you right now

Su’eb :
Oh really let’s fight, I’m not afraid with you

After they fight each other for one hour, at last Jahanam lost

Jahanam :
I’m really sorry and please forgive me. Please don’t kill me

Su’eb ;
I’m not going kill you, I must take you to the palace and tell to the king you are the thief and let the king decide what punish fit with you.

After that the decide Jahanam go to the jail and finally the king has his crown back.

Abu Jahal :
Congratulation Su’eb and Gorun, now I found my crown back. I will promote you both as a General and the knight.

Su’eb and Gorun :
Thanks my my lord,

Abu Jahal :
Great job and well done………………………

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