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Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Story Telling

 My Favorite Yoyo

One of my favorite objects is my transparent yoyo. It is very special to me. My yoyo is made of transparent plastic and with a combination colors dark grey and silver. 

I always play that my favorite yoyo. I bought my yoyo in toys city, PIM, Jakarta. A price of my yoyo is very expensive. A shape of my yoyo is circle. Maybe this yoyo is rare to me, because I saw only one transparent yoyo in that toy city store. This yoyo very special because is limited edition and very cool for me. I bought this yoyo with my own money.

A spin of my yoyo is very fast. A name of my yoyo is a wind breaker. I had a six yoyo’s and I had that yoyo’s in birthday present. I can do a lot of trick with my wind breaker. For the examples is rock the baby, walk the dog, around the world, and many more.

This is the end of my story about transparent yoyo. 


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